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Arrowhead on dimension


New member
I want to modify a modify or hide a single arrowhead on a dimension line placed on a view in a drawing.
just a dumb question, why do you need to do this? There are things you can do but no general option to remove or modify an arrowhead. If I knew what it was for I might be able to help.
No silly questions , just silly answers........

If you don't find an option , just select the object that you want to change.
Then rightclick and there will be options in the dropdown-menu.
In this case select the dimension line and rightclick ON it
There's an option to edit the first dimensionline , you could set it to none.

I hope this will work for you.

Regards Fréderic,

[email protected]
;) Hi Balthasar,
You can edit the arrow head as follows - keep the mouse pointer on a dimension and right click to access the drop down menu/shortcut menu, then click edit 1st arrowhead or 2nd arrowhead (it depends upon which one you want to edit), and in change arrowhead dialogue box select the shape that you want and if you want to hide the arrowhead select none.
I hope this helps you.

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