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assembly not allowed

Can someone here please tell me why Solidworks 19 will not allow me
to mate these two surfaces. I am a newcomer to Solidworks.
I enclose an explanation image, this Forum will not allow the Solidworks file.
Thank you,


Are they planar? A quick test is to try and start a new 2D sketch on the surfaces. If you can't, they are not flat, which I would guess is the problem
Thank you for your response.
I made a 2D drawing in autocad of the perimeter of that surface, I then imported it into
Solidworks and revolved it to 36 degrees. My object here is to assemble 10 36 degree wedges to form a complete circle
as the image I have attached.
I would think that the surface would be flat.



If they are flat then I would expect you to be able to mate them. Can you take a screenshot of what happens when you try to mate them?


I think I'm missing something here, as from the screenshots that looks as though it has managed to mate, albeit it's the wrong faces. I cant see how it is possible to get in that position if you chose the faces you initially mentioned in your very first post. - just from those screenshots it looks like the wrong faces have been chosen....could you try zipping up the parts and attaching them here?


I don't have access right this second to your version of SW, so I had to import it as a Parasolid - but the geometry should be the same. It mated find for me no problems.


So not sure why this is causing you issues. Looking at what you are ultimately after I would just do a circular component pattern which would save you mating anyway