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Assembly Scenes

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mz7dyj asked the following:

Could you show me a practical application of the Scene in Catia V5 Assemblies? I have to admit that I do not know its use yet......
Scenes are created within an assembly of parts so that you can go back to a particular Scene.

Scenes can save viewports. Scene.1 might be a front view zoomed out to show the entire product. Scene.2 might be a side view zoomed into a small section and rotated. Scene.3 might be an iso view looking in a special direction.

Scenes can also be used for part locations. Scene.4 might show all the doors open, while Scene.5 shows all the doors closed. Scene.6 might show all the doors hidden and the viewport oriented at one particular opening.
We use scenes in the Product area to justify whether we have collisions between our moveable elements within the assembly.
By using the compass to position all the movements on the parts &/or products and saving the scene you can run the clash and sectioning commands from within the scene at any time to determine your clearances and fouls.
from what i can tell, you can't edit things when looking at the scenes..... What happens if your working on a huge (long) assambly and you need to shift from one side to the other (swithc between looking at one end and the other), and edit a few things...maybe even have some parts hidden in one view and showen in the other? is this possible with this or....
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