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Auto Dimns?


New member

Can I replicate the ProE sketcher action of auto creating dimensions as I create geometry rather than having to create dimns as a seperate action?

If not, what's the most efficient route for dimensioning all entities?



New member
SolidWorks dimensions


Before starting a sketch, please go to Tools>Options>System Options>Sketch and put a tick on the box next to 'Enable on Screen Numeric Input on entity Creation' option.

Now, when the user creates the sketch it comes up with the dimension value that can be edited to provide the actual value required.

Then when you sketch, on the left panel (say after you pick the line option) check the box against Add Dimension option.

The sketch values and Dimensions can then be added on the fly.

Additionally, if you require SolidWorks to automatically dimension a sketch it can be done using Tools>Dimension>Fully Defined Sketch using the Auto Dimension option.

Also try using DimXpert on any 3D CAD model either created in SolidWorks or imported to see how GD&T can be applied to a 3D CAD part with ANSI compliant Digital Product Definition annotations.

Hope this helps.