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Autocad 14 & Tesselation Lines



I am using R14 Autocad and when I complete a 3d model, I have those lines -tesselation line? on the curved objects. I would like to see a smooth surface without the lines so I can plot the image and place color on it. All the lines make the drawing look bad. Any help would be appreciated.:)
Dispsilh 1 - Tesselations 0

Hello Justtjeff,

If my memory serves me well, the command you need is called DISPSILH.
Change the value to 1. ( it is either 0 or 1 )

Then in model space you can view your solid model, on screen, by going to VIEW-HIDE.

When you move into your Viewport Configuration for printing you need to use the command MVIEW and select the viewport(s) you want printed in Hidden mode.
Or was it that the print/plot window offered you to plot in hidden mode?
Try these out anyway an’ see what happens…….
However the important thing here is that you change the variable to 1 using DISPSILH.:)

Let me know how it goes!
Best of luck



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