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AutoCAD 2000 & windows xp



Morning, AutoCAD 2000 is not compatible with windows xp, is there any way around that? a patch or something?:)
It works fine!

If you are loading to Windows XP, when you go to run the setup file from the CD, if it starts on auto run cancel it. The click the start button on the lower left of your screen, hit "run" the "browse". Go to the CD and find the "setup" file. RIGHT click on it, then select "properties". On that menu you will find a box or tab that says "compatibility". There will be a checkbox that says "compatibility mode". When you check the box it will allow you to select from several operating systems in a drop down box starting with win95 I think. Select windows 2000. Then say ""ok" or "close" till you get back to the "run" window where you fist right clicked on the setup file. Click "open". This will take you back to the "run" window with the setup file selected in the window. Now click "OK" and do the install.
Default AutoCAD 2000 & windows xp

GordonP Followed your instructions re Win XP and Autocad 2000, worked like a charm. Thank you, much appreciated. Snoman in Montreal

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