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AutoCAD 2005 Tip - Know how to snap midpoint between two points


New member
As there is no direct snap to locate midway point between two points, we can acheive the same by using the command line calculator 'CAL. The expression to be used is "MEE" or "(end+end)/2", which stands for midpoint between two endpoints. For example, to start a new line at the midpoint between endpoints of two lines, draw two lines at an angle to each other and start the line command again and at the Specify First Point prompt enter 'cal and at the Initializing expression prompt enter mee, now selec the two points as prompted. The line initiated in step 2 will start at the midpoint between the selected endpoints, and you will be prompted for the next point.
I hope this tip will help.
Hi sundance49,
As far as I know there is no direct snap to locate a point midway between two endpoints in space for AutoCAD 2000-2006.
Which version are you using?
Snap to midpoint


A solution is a short AutoLisp macro:
(defun midpt (/ a b)
(initget 1)
(setq a (getpoint "\nFirst point: "))
(initget 1)
(setq b (getpoint "\nSecond point: "))
(setq pt (polar a (angle a b) (/ (distance a b) 2.0)))
Using this you should copy it to visual lisp editor, save it, and load to Autocad. Then choose a command eg LINE, enter (midpt) and follow the instructions in the command line.
There is a possibility to load it automatically or make an icon-button too.
If you have any problem do not hesitate to ask me.

Best regards
Mid point between to ends

Sorry to take so long getting back to you. I use Autocad 2006. But I do have 2007 at home. If what you are attempting to do is being done in a version lower than 2005 I guess you would have a problem.
Snap to midpoint

Hi sundance49,

Why do you think so? It works in all version of AutoCad which understand Autolisp.


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