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AutoCAd and SolidWorks


New member
We are unable to bring 2d or 3d drawings of AutoCAd into SoildWorks. any one who could solve our problem
Not sure which approach you are trying but this is what we do and it works without any problems.

Open a blank solidworks drawing template(preferably the same size as the drawing you are trying to import)

Then go to Insert-DXF/DWG

Follow the dialog screen information then click "Finish"

The advantage to this method apposed to others it that it places all the AutoCAD entities into a drawing view which can be easily moved around.
when you open a dwg/dxf, sw should ask what you want to do, your options are:

1. create a sw drawing which is 2D
2. create a sw part which puts your 2d dwg/dxf into a sw sketch
3. create 3d sw parts & assy if from mech-desktop

if you create a sw part from 2d acad you have the chance to manipulate the 2d dwg/dxf and fold the views so they can be used for extrudes and cuts. sw calls this their glass box technology which works great.

3d acad stuff if created in mech-desktop should come across as 3D parametric objects in sw. I have never experienced this due to the lack of mech-desktop models.

The best solution, in my opinion, if the design is live and developing, build the parts using sw native features. This captures the proper design intent and produces the cleanest models.

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