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AutoCad drawing to Catia


New member
Hello, I was wondering if anybody knows, Is there a way to bring a AutoCad drawing into Catia, keep it the right size, and model off of it...
I know you can bring it in but every time i do it makes the drawing alot smaller than it was in AutoCad. I was just curious if anybody knew the answer..
Thanks for any help you can provide.
Scale may be off

Sometimes the scale of imported drawings gets messed up. Check the scale of the drawing against the actual scale. Is it possible that it came in as mm when it should have been inches. One unit in AutoCAD may have been set to inches while your unit in Catia may be set ti mm.

Just a thought.

3DCADTips Help Desk :cool:
Thank you for the response, I'll have to check on that. One other thing, when you DXF a drawing out of catia and into AutoCad there are alot of extra lines or lines that are to long what causes this? Is AutoCad more exact than Catia. Just wondering everything I know about Catia is self taught but i am very glad that I found this forum. It has been a lot of help.

thanks for your help,
hey this is vijay,
i tried my own mehod,which was to open the acad .dxf file in catia-it opens up in drafting ,now just copy the view and paste it into any required plane.thats it!

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