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AutoCAD LT 2008 Books/Training


Brian Stirling

I'm not a full time CAD guy but have been useing CAD tools for almost 25 years. My first brush with CAD was when I worked as an Engineering Technician at IBM. The system was CADAM and the neat thing about it was the aplication specific keyboard, in addition to the standard keyboard, that gave you quick acess to the various tools -- it be nice to have a USB add on KB for just this purpose.

Later on I got a PC based CAD program called EasyCAD -- anyone remember that basic program? It wasn't much but it worked -- kind of.

Still later I switched to DesignCAD and for a time it looked like it was going to be a worthy contender but that never happened. Still, I was able to do some useful design work with it.

Now, this bring me to my current CAD program --AutoCAD LT 2008 and I have to say it is SO different from DesignCAD and I'm having some trouble getting a handle on the basic operation of it. This is the 30 day download but I do expect to get the full version when it becomes available. So, what I need is a good reference book that can take someone with CAD experience but not AutoCAD experience and get them going with it. The operation is so different than the other CAD programs I've used before that even doing simple things is a bit of a strugle at this point. Any pointers to decent books to teach basic AutoCAD operation?


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