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AutoCAD Printing to Plotter



I am trying to print a drawing on a plotter and for awhile I had it setup to print thick lines on certain colors. I did this because I was XREF in other files. All of lines stop printing thick that were assigned and no print has a solid line with a dashed line over it. Can anyone help me.

Sounds confusing...

Hello Gunns21,

We try to find answers to all questions posted in our forums. However, this one sounds a bit confusing the way it is described. Can you reply to this post and restate the problem you are having in a bit more detail so we can understand the problem better and thus find a better answer for you?

Thanks for using the forums!

3DCADTips Support desk :cool:
Plotter model and Acad version?

Also, please tell me the make and model of the plotter you are using and also the version of AutoCAD you are using.

That would also help.

3DCADTips Support Desk :cool:
In Plot Dialogue window...

We located some information on the Autodesk discussion boards that may help you with your problem.

Try this:

In plot dialog window - plot style table - pick edit
Check right hand side - linetype and lineweight.
Try setting these to "use object lineweight" and "use object linetype"

Does this help?

3DCADTips Support Desk :cool:

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