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AutoCAD's full potential



hi everyone! im a new member here and Ive been using ACAD for 10 years. can anyone here tell me if this program can match 3DS Max's modelling capability because Im a solid fan of this program (ACAD) but sad to say I havent reach its pinnacle as to full knowledge of manipulating almost all its features. Im using ADT3.3 and i started way back as release 12. What can you guys tell me.

im also about to try the higher versions soon...

Modelling: 3ds max vs. ADT

No it doesn't. 3ds max has much more modifiers and has a lot more parametric features.
Despite all of the 3d bells and whistles autodesk slathers on autoCAD, it is, and will probably remain, a 2d drafting program.
AutoCAD 3D

I use AutoCAD in Vanilla mode to draw 3D solid models and I love it. There are two keys to working in 3D. Learning to manipulate the UCS and learning to use the XYZ point filters. MAX is still more powerful in some ways but about 4 years ago when I was using max there was no "center" osnap which always amazed me since you usually rotate about the center of object. This was MAX 3.5 and I am sure it is MUCH better now.
Below are the 3 macro point filters I use constantly.
These point filters guarantee when you move something it will only move in the axis you want. The most used command in all of AutoCAD, for me, are the XYZ point filters. I will use them 100 or more times every day. I have attached a dwg file that I use for all of my 3D work. It uses 4 paperspace viewports and as you move from viewport to viewport the UCS changes in the upper right viewport so I always have X across the screen and Y up and down. Using this and a bunch of other macros and programs I have written makes work in 3D a piece of cake except for compound curves which I almost never need to do. Just my 2 1/2 cents and hope it helps. Take care, Jack.


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I do 3d in ACAD

It is not a pametric modeler. Dimensions are driven by the model vs parametric programs where the model is driven by the dimensions. It is real very easy to use and other than compound curved surfaces comparable to Solid works and ProE (I also run these) in the models you can roduce. Building assemblies is actually much easier than those two programs "docking" components and you can update assemblies automatically when components are revised.

Mechanical Desktop 2007 now has a sweep command that allows you to make threads on solid parts and many of the other shapes formerly available only in SW, ProE and the high end Unigraphics and Catia systems.

Transparent parts, textures and materials are easily created and modified.

Not familiar with 3D studio and such but have seen images way above what I think Acad can do. Hope this helps.

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