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Automatic Punch Tool/iFeature folder selection depending on part material.


New member
Automatic Punch Tool/iFeature folder selection depending on part material.

Hello Guys...

We are working in our company with Autodesk Inventor 2009.

In our design group we are creating mostly sheet metal and copper parts - of course in different material thicknesses. We are using punchtools/iFeatures for most common holes.

After creating a new part and the first sketch is done, we select from a database the material, which will be saved in the part iProperties and also automatically setup the sheet metal style values.

To avoid sheet metal punch tools being used for copper and copper punchtools/iFeatures being used for sheet metal, we have those in different subfolders.
Now... if you want to apply a punch, the punch tool window opens and is by default in the iFeature root folder and you have to browse to the right folder depending on the material you using for that part.

Now here is my question...

Is there a way to create a macro, which is selecting the right punch tool/iFeature folder, depending on the material you selected after the first sketch creation?

Hope I made understandable what I'm trying to accomplish.

Any help/idea would be highly appreciated. :D