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Become an Seo Expert !!! With 1 month duration and low fees


New member
Hi all,
Ya I know about a company in india which can fulfills your seo career and start ur carrer life with median salary $61,000( 90,000 INR).Any graduates /under graduates can join it.
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New member
Please dont discuss about unacceptable things. Nobody will accept this things. Even the person who dont know seo, wont accept.


New member
I don't think it is that easy to become an SEO expert that too within 1 month! Well, I do believe that there are many genuine places in India from where one can get trained in SEO course but this ad looks fake to me. Starting salary $61, 000 after only 1 month course? unbelievable, just too obnoxious!! If the company is not fake it should not make too heavy exaggerations because advertising is a very important strategy and consumers are aware of scams.


The Complexity Of It All.

SEO SEM and all other internet marketing is entirely complex and rich to completely absorb in one month. Even upon grasping certain concepts to actually see results takes roughly 6 months minimum. Don't fall for one-month gimmicks.
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