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Beginner Frustration - Loss of Rotation and Zoom Functions


New member
Hello everyone,

I am new to using Catia V5, but am making slow and steady progress. My problem at the moment is that when i am drawing a model, i start of with the ability to rotate the drawing and zoom, but at some point, I'm not sure if i keep accidentally clicking on something, but the function of the rotation and zoom stops, the button to use the rotation in the 'View' toolbar goes grey. When i try to then rotate, pan or zoom the buttons effect the menu at the left of the screen (containing the 'Part Name' and xy, yz and zx planes etc)

If someone could enlighten me as to why this is happening id be greatly appreciative.



New member
Beginner Help. Mechanical Design-Part Design


When i am half way through creating a model, i lose the function of rotation, zoom and pan. The rotation button turns grey, and everything becomes a bit difficult. When i try to orate, zoom or pan, it only applies to the menu on the left ('Part Name', xy, yz and zx planes etc.)

If anyone could help i would really appreciate it.



Super Moderator
I'm guessing you inadvertently clicked on a vertical line in the tree. This makes the tree active for rotate/zoom/pan. It also deactivates the 3D model and makes it dim.

The easy fix is to select a vertical line in the tree (or click on the little axis symbol in the lower-right corner) to reactivate the 3D model. Pay attention to the brightness of the model.

As you become more familiar with CATIA, this problem will go away!
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