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Bend from flat over arc profile not line


Hello all

How can i bend a plate in gsd over an arc profile? in bend from flat i can bend over a line profile not arc.

Thank You
Not sure I understand your question. Could you provide a picture?

Usually, parts are modeled in the final, bent shape, and then flattened (unwrapped) to get the flat pattern.
I did a quick search, and discovered this video:

Bend From Flat must be a recent addition to the CATIA Sheetmetal workbench. (I had never heard of it before, so thanks for asking about it)

The video seems pretty self-explanatory. I don't think this tool is available in the GSD workbench.

The Sheetmetal workbench is normally used for flat parts with straight bends; so I don't think it can be used with arcs and curves.

As I said before, you will probably have to model the final part first. With the Develop license, you can Unfold the GSD surface into it's flat shape.

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