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best way to do wood panel design


New member
Hi folks,

I'm pretty new to Solidworks, and am wondering the best way to do design using wooden panels in SW.

if anyone could point me at some tutorials (havent really been able to find anything all that helpful) or give me a few words of advice, it would really help me along.

I'm just trying to start with a basic wood panel open-topped box. 5 wood panels - two ends, two sides and a bottom. Ive been trying to make it so that the width, depth and length are easily adjustable by changing single dimensions, by using a combination of mates and equations, but I dont seem to be able to get it to work 100% - something always either prevents the resize, or pulls my panels apart.

if anyone could help me out here, that would be really great. I'm sure this is a trivial excercise for anyone with any decent SW experience, but for a beginner like me trying to figure it out on my own, there are clearly things I'm just not getting.

words of wisdom, examples, tutorials on the subject, all very welcome