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bill of materials


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when i acces the bill of materials from the assambly menu, is there any way to find out how many total parts there are in the entire assambly. Right now it's sepereated into sub assamblys, so if i have one size screw in 4 different sub assamblys it will show it in 4 different places on the material list. Rather then going down the list and adding up the quantities manualy is there any way to condence it all down.

Look in the lower section of the Bill of Material list. I think this is the condensed list you want. The beginning of the lower section should look like this:

Recapitualation of: YOUR PRODUCT
Different parts: 33
Total parts: 57

The Total Parts count is for whatever assembly you had active (blue) when you did the Bill of Material.

Below that is the quantity of each part in the active assembly.
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