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Blend deformation issue


New member
Hi everyone!, I am currently modelling a winglet section on CATIA V5 as part of a project, however, when I pick the Blend operation option to round the tip, I get some estrange deformation on the leading edge surface, like lumps. I was wondering how I could solve this problem to achieve an smooth surface please. I attach images showing this issue.



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Super Moderator
Which Blend options did you use?

Verify curves are same direction. Try different types of continuity to see which one gives best results. Try different Tension values.

You may have to use another tool if Blend doesn't give you a nice, smooth surface. Multi-Section, Sweep, or Fill (maybe) might work better. Keep trying - surface modeling usually takes a lot of effort.

Where is the blend surface in the attached pictures? Maybe change the color distinguish that surface from the others.


New member
Hi, thank you very much for your reply, I have verified the curves and they are at the same direction, I tried different tension values but they made the blend surface not tangent with the rest of the winglet. I attach the blend surface with a different color as requested. I suspect that the problem might reside on the geometry itself so I attach pictures showing the drawings I have done to model this section using Multi-section. Guide curve 1 is a 3D spline and guide curve 2 is made on a plane using lines and 3 point arcs, both highlighted in orange.