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BOM Problems


New member
I create a new part, create Base View, hit BOM Icon and generate BOM. My BOM will have parts missing and my properties do not match my BOM. Qty is wrong and description read *varies*. Can anyone suggest what I am doing wrong?
Thanks in advance.
I think the items are being rolled together by partnumber. The description can be *Varies* if multiple components have the same partnumber and are rolled. If the component have different descriptions, *Varies* is shown. There is one known issue with the BOM roll-up if Save Copy As is used and an instance of the copy is placed in the assembly. The BOM sees the old instance and the copy instance as having the same partnumber and rolls them mistakenly. I have an workaround for it is to save, close, and reopen the assembly. The BOM should be corrected.
In the assembly, open the Bill of Materials, click the icon at the top for 'part number merge settings, untick 'enable row merge on part number match'.
This will stop Inventor grouping items with the same or no part number.

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