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Bookmarking objects in scene?


New member
There is a floating toolbar, with buttons with numbers/icons/text on it, and when i click one of them, it selects (and/or "zoom extends" into) the object assigned to the button previously by the user. similar to selection sets, but accessible with less clicks, and it would be good for navigating in big scenes.. even RTS games have this function (almast all of them as far as i know) to select groups of units assigned by the user to hotkeys.. would be nice to have something like this in max to make the scene navigation and selection more easier..
Any suggestions.
Did you try the layer manager and working in layers. It's probably not exactly what you want, but it might be closer than selection sets. It allows you to have a floater window open and easily hide and select objects or groups of objects by layer. Or maybe combine the use of selection sets with "isolate selection." I use both these methods a lot when navigating/working on large scenes.

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