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Building Methodologies


New member
I am looking for Pro's and Con's to the following features used in Catia vs Boolean Base "Add/Remove" technique.
Any documentation to support would be very helpful.

Don't use Assemble
Maximum of 12 dressup features
No negative bodies
Don't use Hole
Don't use Pocket
Don't use Multipocket
Don't use Thickness
Don't use Remove face
Don't use Replace face
Don't use Groove
Don't use Slot


Super Moderator
With all the "Don't use this" rules, you seem to be limiting yourself to some very basic functions. I guess you only make Pads and Revolutions and then Add or Remove them to model your part (which is almost how things were done in CATIA Version 4).

Pros: very easy to learn
Cons: all the extra steps are wasting time and $$$ and maybe model size

What kind of parts do you design and make?
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Super Moderator
After re-reading and reviewing your list; I actually do agree (in general) with the following:

Don't use Assemble (if no negative bodies, Assemble doesn't provide any additional capability)
No negative bodies (Okay - they can be confusing)
Don't use Multipocket (agree - I find editing a part very difficult with Multi-pocket features)
Don't use Remove face (agree in general, but this is handy when modifying imported solids with no history)
Don't use Replace face (I don't think I ever have)

I think I would re-word your list; Instead of "Don't use..." I suggest "Avoid using...". I'm always running into unique situations where a 'Best Practice' isn't always the best way to do something.
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New member
I am gathering all my information and I will report back....
We are in the Automotive biz, our components range from stamped metals to large plastic parts.


Super Moderator

You might get more/better feedback by posting your initial question on the COE.org discussion forum. There's more professional users there, versus this site (which tends to be new users)