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CAD Software Search Woes


New member
Hi all this is my 1st post and I'm not even sure this is the right thread to be posting this question in. If it is not then please let me know where it should be posted and I'll move it.

On with the question. 1st let me explain our situation a little. Our company has been very successfull in the last few years, business is tripled, new machinery has been purchased and implimented and company enviornment has drastically become very nice. As due to the recent world economy we to have felt the pinch, but luckly we have survived thus far.

The owner of our company has decided to revamp our website and wants to add CAD download funtionality for our customers. I have been doing research on website plugins and the only software that comes close to what we are looking for is "Cadnes / Parts Solutions". From what I've seen it is a very nice package. Currently we are waiting on a quote from them. I like to see what else is available what they may offer and have yet to find a rival for them. My question is can anyone point me in the right direction or give me some insight as how to handle this. Is there any other packages available or am I stuck having to buy what they offer.


New member
OK I found some other products that have some of the same functionality as Parts Solutions, but won't even mention them because we have decided to go with they're product. They have the best support, most flexability for integration into our website and only happen to be located less than 6 hours from our location. If anyone needs info on any of the competitors we found shoot me an email and I'll give you the list.