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New member
The use of Computer Aided Design software is widely used in construction of other manufacturing industry. When designing and working on a new project or new product, an engineer will require frequently modifying or upgrading the original design. Therefore, before the end product is produced, the original design drawing file will be modified with multiple versions. If all these different version design documents and drawings are not managed properly, a series of problem or error will sure happen at the production stage.

  Drawing comparison is part of the process in drawings management. Engineering drawings are usually complex. A different versions drawing files may have only slight changes. In the traditional way of comparison, engineers will have to manually locate the changes between the two drawings. The will result in potential human errors or lower the engineering management efficiency.

  There are three options in VHCompare drawings comparison: Coordinate system comparison, Select base point comparison, and Select area comparison. User may choose any of these 3 options to perform comparison process base you’re their real life situation.

VHCompare AutoCAD Addons

1.This AutoCAD addon software is easy to install and manage.
2.It supports AutoCAD R14 to AutoCAD 2008 edition
3.The comparison result will be shoed in format that is for the ease of modification reference.

VHCompare Single Edition

1.It does not require AutoCAD platform
2.The comparison can be done independently in Windows environment.
3.It supports AutoCAD R14 to AutoCAD 2008 edition DWG and DXF format files

DWG compare Autocad compare