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Can anyone suggest me the best way to extrude a circle...


New member
Can anyone suggest me the best way to extrude a circle which lies certain distance from a flat surface, so that the cylinder created is capped off, but where it intersects the flat surface there is a hole. This is so I can fillet the capped surface and the intersection point with the flat surface. Then I want to thicken to have a uniform solid body.
Thanks in advance.
Huh? You've lost me. Could you be a little more specific?
From what i understand you want a solid object with a hole thru it and one end with a fillet at the top of the hole. Not to hard

You cant fillet a surface to a solid so lets start with making the flat surface a solid with extrusion height the depth of the hole

Now draw a circle or whatever shape the hole will be inside the 2D surface

Region them and extrude them to the height desired

Subtract the cylinder (hole) from the larger solid

Set the fillet radius and select the edge of the hole you want to be rounded
Bear in mind the fillet command only does one object at a time, so if your hole is more complicated than a simple circle then you need to select each piece before the fillet is done. I.E. circle is 1 object, square hole has 4
Word of caution with fillets on the more complex drawings... AutoCAD often fails when you think it should complete a round over. This is usually from not selecting all of the affected objects or the radius is so large it would not be able to make the fillet
Extrude the cylinder past the "flat surface", then delete the face in the end of the cylinder that went past. Do a mutual trim and pick the faces to keep.
Hope this helps you and solves your problem.

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