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Can I transfer mechanical desktop 4 drawings into Solidworks



I need to know what version of Solidworks (2004 ? 2005 ? 2006?)is able to convert Mechanical Desktop 4.0 drawings? Thank you.
Take a look at these threads.

After poking around a bit on the SolidWorks Discussion Forums, I located the following threads that related to importing MDT files into SolidWorks:
MDT6 to SW, alan larsen, Aug 26 16:50

I opened a .DWG file created in Mechanical Desktop MDT6 into SW. If I select only the model for import I get no dialog, no errors but no model in SW. If I select the layout(2d) and model, I only get the (2d) *.slddrw. Why does it refuse to remaster the 3d? Has anyone seen this?
importing MDT and mis-leading statements..., Sam S, Apr 26 10:29

We acquired a company some time back that used MDT so translating MDT files into native solidworks files is something that is important to us. Quoting the SolidWorks 2005 Whats New on page 12-5, "You can now create associative SolidWorks drawings when importing Mechanical Desktop files. An option, Create linked drawing document, has been added to the dxf/dwg Import Wizard dialog box. Mechanical Desktop must be installed on your system."

What an incredibly mis-leading statement, the MDT import does not create 2D solidworks drawings that are associative to the 3D solidworks model generated from the import. What it does do is create a 2D solidworks drawing that can be linked (associative) to the original MDT file so that if the MDT file is revised those changes will propogate to the solidworks 2D drawing that was generated from the import. What a waste of time, if solidworks spent more than 30 seconds on this they wasted their resources... Why would anyone want to create a solidworks drawing that is associative back to a mdt model, and better yet why would solidworks want to support such activity?

We'll continue to add comments to this thread. If there are any users out there who have experience importing MDT files into SW, please jump in!

Thanks and Happy New Year!

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