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Can this be done in V5



Here is what I want to do.

a) Select XY plane draw a circle and extrude it you wil get a cylinder

b) Before extruding the circle, position the circle centre to the (0,0) origin

c) Now select YZ plane draw a circle and pocket it in both the direction........ select through all option instead of dimension

Now I want to fillet (edge blend) only one edge of the hole....

The trick to filleting just one side of the hole is to carefully select the one edge of the hole to be rounded off. If the face of the hole is selected, both ends will be filleted.

What are the dimensions of the shaft, hole and fillet?

Here's a Tip: When selecting geometry, hold the cursor over the feature for a few seconds before pressing the mouse button. The feature will highlight (turn orange) and the cursor will often change to show a small graphic symbol (such as a curve, or a line) to indicate what the cursor sees.
If you are thinking of only softening(fillet) one end of a hole made in a cylinder. Then do as shown below:

a) First pick xy plane and draw a circle and use pad use mirrorextent option ..u will get a cylinder.
b) Pick yz plane and draw a circle and pick 'up to last' option. You should do pocket in only one direction....
c) Fillet at the edge of the hole.
d) Then again pick xy plane and again draw a circle of same dia. and pocket in the reverse direction.

I tried many procedures but found the above one work for me. I know there are experts in this forum who will guide us if there is any other better ways to do the same.
Maybe not


I had some free time to go through your scenario, and it seems that you've come across a software bug with CATIA. :( My previous post was incorrect, with your specific scenario. :eek:

I noticed that you are able to select and fillet one edge if the hole sketch is based on the XZ plane, but not with the YZ plane as you described. :(

I noticed the same problem when attempting to chamfer one edge only. It also occurs regardless of how the hole is modeled; either as a Pocket, Hole, or Groove. :mad:

I suggest you work with the System Administrator at your company and turn in a PMR (Program Maintenance Report) to Dassault.
Mech's workaround does work

I tried Mech's method, and it does work! :)

Make sure you pocket half the hole and add the fillet, before you pocket the other side fo the hole. Use the same sketch for both pockets to keep both pockets aligned and the same size!

Thanks Mech!


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