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Cannot access CUI dialog box


New member
When I try to go into customization, the software locks up, kind of. What it does is just goes into some sort of mode where you can't do anything but Ctrl-Alt-delete and bail. Task manager doesn't indicate that the program is "not responding" but you just can't do anything. I might add that all the previous customization is there and working, I can switch between workspaces, save existing workspaces as new ones. I just can't access the CUI dialog box. Any suggestions?
Unload your existing CUI file. Save it to a safe location. Go to the UserDataCachae folder and copy the ACAD.CUI file to the same location that the orginal CUI file was loading from. Load that as your default CUI file and see if the CUI dialog now comes up. You can find UserDataCache under the Installation Directory of AutoCAD. The CUI file is in the Support folder by default. Don't load it from there but instead copy it to a new location. You have to keep this folder clean. AutoCAD uses it for secondary install.
C:\Program Files\AutoCAD 2006\UserDataCache\Support

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