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Cannot Extrude


New member
When I try to extrude I am getting following error message:
"Segment chord not perpendicular to normal"
"Unable to extrude the selected object"
>Where am I doing wrong? what should be done? Can any one please explain.
Hi Alarice,
Try using sweep and then choose to align the object with the path and if necessary align the UCS with the object to be extruded using the 3 point option and then try extruding.
Hope this is helpful.
What do you want to extrude? A CLOSED ployline (result is a solid) or just a line or polyline (result is a surface or mesh).
Do you want to extrude with a height value, or do you want to extrude by following a path. If you want to use a path, the path may not be in the same UCS as the object you want to extrude, i.e. the object is drawed in the XY-plane, than the path may not be drawed in the XY-plane; it should be drawed in i.e. the YZ-plane.

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