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can't access site


New member
i can't acces this site from work....I can only do it once every 4-5 days. The page shows up as if it was a dead link. I tried deleting all the cookies, files, site visited...but nothing works.

i don't have that problem from home computer.

any ideas.
Hello spider007,
Not sure what the problem could be. Are there any major configuration differences between the two computers (home and office)? We have not seen this problem reported before. Can you provide the following info?
  • Office pc config (os, graphics, browser, etc.)
  • What page does not load? The home page (i.e., or a certain thread or internal page?
  • Are you receiving any error messages? Try enabling, javascript debug from your browser and see if you get any messages returned.
Please let us know.
Thanks for reporting the problem.

3DCADForums Help Desk :cool:
must have been something with cookies or something.....i just checked and it loogs on fine......wierd

I couldn't even get on the main site before (for more then a month)

thanks anyway.
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