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New member
If two persons have the same catalogs, how should they must exchange between them 3D models with elements of these catalogs but without send between them the elements of the catalogs and can see the models with all the things? (Each one has a diferent path for the catalog. Is there any option in the tools options of CATIA for this?.
Thank you and sorry for my english.


Super Moderator
I think it would depend on the Search Order to specify where to look for the catalog instances.


Super Moderator
This is almost impossible to help you with, because there are so many options for how you setup your Search Order.

To get to the option, use TOOLS + OPTIONS + GENERAL, and look at the DOCUMENT page. The Search Order is the bottom half of the panel, called the Linked Document Localization.

You setup these options for how you want CATIA to open linked documents, such as the ones in your catalogs;

for example

a. open only the parts in Person A's catalog, or

b. open only the parts from Person B's catalog, or

c. open the parts from the catalog of whomever is logged on, etc.

There's a good description of this in the online Help. While you have this Tools + Options page open, press F1 (Help) to go right to the information.


New member
Today I have got the solution to my question. We must be use the same DLName for catalog´s elements so when one of us open the 3D model will be able to read all the elements of the model because the path for the catalog´s elements will be the same.
Thanks a lot.