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Catia Assembly Problem



i have a assembly problem on catia. when i import to second part on the assembly, this second part can not be seen. also when i open the new body on the part design, this new body can not be seen. i use catia v5r15.
can you help me?
need more info

World78, your product situation could be caused by a number of things:

Maybe the inserted part is out in space? Try a Fit-All-In to resize everything.

Maybe your Tools+Options are set to cause this. Check them out.

Could you attach a screen shot of your product tree? The icons in front of the parts often provide clues as to what is happening.

Regarding the Partbody problem; does the new partbody you inserted show up in the tree? It's normally added near the bottom.
Jim Strawn posted the following suggestion on the forum:

Also check your CATSettings to make sure they are the same. Specifically, look at TOOLS, OPTIONS, GENERAL, GENERAL, LOAD REFERENCE DOCUMENTS, and at TOOLS, OPTIONS, GENERAL, DOCUMENTS and make sure that the search order is the same in all cases
thanks friend

i get over problem. i apllied tools>options>default settings. thanks for your attention. goodworks
Glad to hear you resolved the problem, World78 :)

And thanks for sending the screen images. They show that you are doing something much different from what I imagined.

Here's a Tip: You can reset your Tools+Options back to their default settings by using the icon on the bottom of the Tools+Options panel. You have several options to choose from: reset one page, or one workbench, or all the option of every page. But this only resets some of the CATSettings that determine how CATIA V5 operates. To reset all the CATSettings back to the default; Exit CATIA and delete the following folder: C:\Documents and Settings\your userid\Local Settings\Application Data\DassaultSystemes\CATTemp When you re-start CATIA the CATSetting file will be rebuilt based on the default settings.
Catia Assembly?

From the screenshots i see no Assembly i see a CATPart that has an Open Body named Hanze, there appears to be something in the Part Body but it is not expanded. The initial question was asking about a Catia Assembly are you trying to add the parts to an assembly to do that you need a CATProduct then you can insert existing part.

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