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Catia Design dot Net - informational site



Hello, fellow Catia users.

I have started a new website, as a sort of "all-in-one" place for information that pertains to Catia users, as a whole. Much of the site is still in progress, and it will be a constantly developing site. But it is functional, and there are already some very useful things going.

Here is the list:

- News feeds from major industry sectors
- Dassault and IBM press releases and news feeds
- Searches linked to valuable site areas (more below)
- Amazon store for Catia literature and merchandise
- Catia design contests with cash prizes (future feature)

We are asking for user input, and where possible, new feed submittals. We will review and possibly post any RSS or Atom feed submissions from Catia users. That includes feeds from forums, such as this one. (an easy way to keep up on the latest topics, while getting news and information)

The Google search box is linked to the PLM support section of, and therefore allows a Catia user to search for APAR information, as well as product configuration info, and more.

So where is this site?

Catia Design News - Information That Affects Industry

(the top level domain, Catia Design dot Net - Home is still a work in progress)

I am excited to bring these different media together, in one place. It is my hope that this resource will be valuable, and I plan on developing and improving it. To do that, I rely on users like you. Please consider bookmarking our page, and contact us with any feedback you may have.

Thank you.

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