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CATIA Macro to create multiple holes


New member

I fairly new in CATIA macros. I am writing a macro to create multiple holes in CATIA. The macro should work the following way:

1) RivetLines are created in a Geometrical set
2) The Macro should create holes by selecting the RivetLines and a surface.

The problem is that the RivetLines have different Coordinates and I am not able to get their positions with the code. Below is a draft of what I have done.
Please help!

Sub CATMain()

Set documents1 = CATIA.Documents

Set partDocument1 = documents1.Item("Part1.CATPart")

Set part1 = partDocument1.Part

Set shapeFactory1 = part1.ShapeFactory

Set bodies1 = part1.Bodies

Set body1 = bodies1.Item("PartBody")

Set shapes1 = body1.Shapes

Set pad1 = shapes1.Item("Pad.1")

Dim I As Integer
Dim j As Integer

For I = 1 To 10
For j = 1 To 10

Set referencej = part1.CreateReferenceFromBRepName("FSur:(Face:(Brp:(Pad.1;2);None:();Cf11:());WithTemporaryBody;WithoutBuildError;WithInitialFeatureSupport;MonoFond;MFBRepVersion_CXR15)", pad1)

Set holei = shapeFactory1.AddNewHoleFromPoint(12.7, 8.355, 51.633, referencej, 10#)

holei.Type = catSimpleHole

holei.AnchorMode = catExtremPointHoleAnchor

holei.BottomType = catFlatHoleBottom

Set limiti = holei.BottomLimit

limiti.LimitMode = catOffsetLimit

Set lengthi = holei.Diameter

lengthi.Value = 10#

Set hybridBodies1 = part1.HybridBodies

Set hybridBody1 = hybridBodies1.Item("Geometrical Set.2")

Set hybridShapes1 = hybridBody1.HybridShapes

Set hybridShapeLineNormal1 = hybridShapes1.Item("RivetLine.i")

Set referencej = part1.CreateReferenceFromObject(hybridShapeLineNormal1)

holei.SetDirection referencej

holei.ThreadingMode = catSmoothHoleThreading

holei.ThreadSide = catRightThreadSide

lengthi.Value = 6.35
Exit For
Exit For


End Sub