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catia tutorial CDs

Has not electronically delivered some of the materials I paid for last week and has not responded to numerous e-mails about those undelivered materials.

If they can post here they should be available to answer my e-mails
I will inform this forum if this situation is resolved.
I hope you didn't pay very much for what you ordered. CATIA software and documentation is only available from Dassault/IBM/Value-added Resellers - Chinacatia is offering pirated copies which is illegal, and subject to penalties if caught using it (at least in the US).
Please do not contact the guy who is selling a pirated software and it's documentation. If selling a pirated stuff is illegal and then buying is also illegal. Be careful. Here are the few links, to see what happens if you sell pirated stuff.

U.S. Charges Brooklyn Man With Selling Pirated Software to an Undercover FBI Agent

Three Charged With Selling Pirated Software

Man Gets Prison Time for Selling Pirated Software

Software Pirate to pay $205,000 USD


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Question about modeling conical gear prametarskog modeling

Does anyone can post links to model conical gears with modules wireframe and surface design or Generative Shape design.Zupcanike with oblique teeth can be modeled, but not using wireframe and surface and GSD.Takodje me interested in the parametric modeling of gear with slanted teeth and conical gear and worm wheels and puzeva.Pronasao somewhere tutorial for parametric
modeling of gears with straight teeth and I managed to uraditi.Takodje I found the tutorials for parametric modeling of gear with slanted teeth, conical and worm gear combinations, but I could not solve.
So me interested in whether anyone has mentioned that postavi.CATPart gear
parametric modeling.

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