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Catia V5 Dimension Properties


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in another 3D CAD Forum, Keven posted the following question about CATIA dimensions:

June 1st, 2007, 09:22 AM

Catia V5 Dimension Properties

How do you change the "looks" of your dimensions in V5. I've tried selecting the dimension, then properties. I need 2 places X.XX, and the numbers to be within the dimension arrows, etc.

I've been in "tools" options as well.

Newbie to V5 detailing. Was an I-deas operator for 9 years.

Thanks in advance for your support.


To change the number of decimal places on a dimension:

Right-click the dimension and choose Properties, and choose the VALUE tab. There is a option called PRECISION that let's you define the round-off and number of decimal places. 0.01 will give you 2 decimals, 0.001 will give you 3 decimals, 0.0001 will give you 4 decimals, etc. (0.05 will give you 2 decimals and round-off the value to the nearest 0.05) Of course, this is all based on using a DECIMAL format (not FRACTION). and you are including trailing zeros.

Dimension position:

The dimension position is typically based on where you clicked to position the dimension, or where you moved it to. To center the dimension's value between the arrowheads, right-click the dimension and choose the RESTORE VALUE POSITION option.
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