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CATIA V5. Is the Parallel kinematics simulation is possible?

Simon Dantec

New member

I'm currently doing a project about the simulation of the motion of a parallel kinematics machine. I develop my skills about the dmu kinematics module during more than one month and try to simulate this parallel kinematics robot during an other month. Now I am lock, at the begining I have try with the natural joint of the robot (prismatic and revolute joint) but the message "the mechanism is too much drived" come up when I put more than one driver. Then I've tried with other joint, replace the driver and many more things. But no way to correctly simulated it. Then I ask here if someone have an idea about this mechanism.
There is and images of the mechanism:
1: Prismatic joint
2: revolute joint
3: revolute joint

Assembly joint.jpg

Thanks for your help and for more information about the product feel free to ask it.


Super Moderator
Looks interesting. What is the motion? (does the center part move up-and-down? and the vertical corner posts rotate in-and-out?) What is the driver part?

Simon Dantec

New member
The vertical corner posts just move up and down independantly from each other (the 3 drivers are length diver on the prismatic joint wich link the corner posts to the vertical guide).
That provide to the center plateform a motion, not just up and down, but in an orthogonal axis system and I think that is the problem for catia. It can't handle this kind of motion but I hope I'm wrong.


Super Moderator
Thanks for the explanation. I agree with your joint definition; 1. prismatic & driver, 2. revolute, 3. revolute. And same joints on all three corners. Frame is fixed.

Yes, it is possible!
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