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Catia V5 - modelling a rim wheel


Hello, my name is Damian and I'm a 3rd year Mechanical Engineering student at Poznan University of Technology.

Let me get straight to the point: I have a problem concerning modelling a specific rim wheel - as a part of my project at university, I have to make a 3d model of http://ozracing.ch/produkte/felgen/oz-racing/all-terrain-collection/sardegna.html THIS rim. Problem is, due to its fairly complicated design, I don't know how to approach that. I tried to make one of these (arms? blades? I have no idea how its called in english :p) as solid and then tried cutting it via surface design, but this was pointless, as its impossible to make it a circular pattern later in V5r20 (and still, a lot of work). I also tried doing something in surface design, but im still newbie to this module and my attempts turned out to be disasters.

I hope you're able to share with me some tips on how to approach that ;) Which particular operation, etc. Maybe one of you have some similiar model so I could look how its done exactly?

Thanks in advance!


New member
Modeling approach


For the cylinder body of the rim you can make it in revolve. For the patterned object you will have to make the first feature (spoke) using pad and you will have to pattern with an offset or eccentric axis. you can also try to mirror it if the patterning is complex. Regarding the blade surface please provide the other view as its not clear in this view. i will try to help you at my best.


New member
Modeling the RIM


You will have to make the body in shaft or revolve tool in CATIA. you will have to make the spoke in a pad tool and pattern it. Of course for patterning you will have to mention an offset or eccentric axis. i am not clear about the other feature you are talking about as it is hidden.
please come back for any more help.