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CATIA V5, Pick center point in circle


New member
Dear everyone

Im new to the forum and have just picked up CATIA V5 as I would like to create my Constructions in 3d instead of autocad in my profession. Most of them are simple enough to draw in autocad but thats another story.

Anyway, I started to follow a tutorial and as usual got stuck fairly quick. My problem is that I create a circle in one sketch. Exit, create Another circle in a separate sketch. Now I want to draw lines and constrain them using the center of the first sketch. My skill level is Close to none as Im trying to get over the first steps in working with Catia.

For some reason circle number 2 is easy to pick center Point while circle 1 is not available.

What is it im missing here?

See attached image, circle number 1 is to the right.

It would be much appreciated with some help since the other steps was easy enough. I newer expected to get stuck so early in the progress.



New member
Circle from first sketch is in tree..

You should be able to right click on the circle from the first sketch. If not, you can always select it from the tree on the left side of your screen. Also, it should be mentioned, that there is a "viewing" option that can be selected to limit the users selection to only geometry in the current sketch. It's probably on the bottom toolbar and says "shaded background" when you mouse over it.