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catia v5 problem


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Hi all...

I used catia software for few years. However, recently i just found there is something wrong in using the software.

I found that eventhough I done all the constraints but my sketcher still cannot turn into green line. May I know anyone faced that problem b4?

Please help. Thanks a lot.

little aircraft :confused:
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There is special instrument for this purpose. This instrument may show you underconstrained elements.
our Catia labs encounter this problem frequently. Identical parts are built and constrained on separate computers and some end up fully constrained while others do not. This is a common occurrence that usually doesn't affect the part later on.

If the same identical steps are done on different computers (same release of software), you should get the same results.

If two people go through the same steps to fully constrain a sketch, it should be fully constrained both times. Check the settings and Sketcher toolbar, to make sure everything is indeed identical. My guess is that the automatic geometric contraints and dimensional constraint options are not set the same.

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