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CATIA V5 Publication


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mz7dyj asks:

Catia V5 Publication..........


Could somebody explain me when, why and how should we use the Publication tool in both Part Design and Assemblies workbenches?

When you publish in CATIA, you are "telling the world" (or at least your co-workers) which features of your design are to be used on other parts or assemblies.

These features might be geometric elements (points, lines, surfaces, etc.) that are to be used as "master geometry" and will be linked to children parts. Or, they might be common parameters that are to be linked and used with several parts.

These features might also be PartBodies that are linked to children parts. (for example; a casting that is copied with a link to a second part where the machining operations are added)

Publications might also include design features that are to be used for Assembly Constraints.

In my opinion, there are two major benefits to Publishing:

1. By Publishing (and naming) certain features, those featues will automatically be replaced whenever a parent part or master geometry is replaced. If features are not published, if the parent part is replaced (or renamed) the result will be broken links that must be replaced manually. With Assemblies, publications will result in fewer broken constraints as parts are revised.

2. Published featues can quickly be identified and consumed (or used) with confidence that things are being done as the creator of the master geometry intended. This is especially beneficial when the design is being done by a team of several/many people.

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You can probably tell from my last post, that I am a big proponent of Publishing! :D

However, I do believe that Publishing may not be required by everyone.

Notice that I used the term "links" several times in my last post. If you don't use links, then you probably don't need to waste your time publishing. (but you're problaby not using CATIA V5 to it's fullest advantages either)

If your assembly constraints never or very seldom get broken, then you problably don't need to publish.

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