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Catia V5 rotate a part

Karol Chwałek

New member
I have started learn Catia V5 last year.

I would like to ask about help.

I have a problem - I don't know how rotate a part.

I have created some part, then I have created some sketch on xy plane (picture 1).
I would like to rotate the part 180 degree.

I have used compass (picture 2 & 3) but the compass don't rotate exactly 180 degree.

If there is any other option to rotate the part. 1.jpg2.jpg3.jpg

Thank you.


Super Moderator
There are many ways to rotate a part or assembly with CATIA V5.

One way is to use the ROTATE tool. (the icon looks like a hand on top of a sphere, and is usually found on the bottom menu). To rotate, click on the ROTATE icon, then drag the left mouse button to rotate the graphic.


Another way is with the mouse: Hold down the middle mouse button, then press and hold the left (or right) mouse button and drag the mouse to rotate the graphic.

And as you suggested, you can drag the red dot on the compass to rotate the part.

There are many other ways.
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New member
You can try to use the positioned sketch. Its the 2nd type of the sketch.
on that way you can set the orientation first before entering the sketcher.
after clicking on the surface you can change the "H(horizontal)" and "V" (vertical) orientation of your sketch.
Just click the reverse h, reverse v and swap on what view that you want.
(i think you just need to reverse your H and V on ur sample)

You can be familiar withit. I always use this positioned sketch rather than the default "sketch" so that i will enter the sketcher on the view that i want(without any rotation)
theres a lot of option you can do with it so just play around with it. I cant tell you all but you can ask if you want.

hope this will help.


Super Moderator
To keep the sketch HV plane flat to the screen, here are two things you can use:

1. While working on the sketch; click the NORMAL VIEW icon on the bottom of the screen to view the "true view" of the sketch. Click the NORMAL VIEW again to flip (rotate 180°) the view.

normal view.JPG

2. Change your Sketcher settings with TOOLS + OPTIONS so the sketch is normal to the screen everytime you start or edit a sketch. (this effects all sketches; Positioned and Sliding)

parall to screen.JPG
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Karol Chwałek;23922 said:
I would like to rotate the part 180 degree.

I have used compass but the compass don't rotate exactly 180 degree.

If there is any other option to rotate the part.
Here's an easy way to rotate exactly 180°, and this works with a sketch, part, and assembly:

1. First you have to use TOOLS + OPTIONS to setup the angle of rotation. Enter 180, or any angle you want (I like 45°)


2. Then hold down the SHIFT key and use the ARROW keys to rotate left, right, up or down


You can use the NORMAL VIEW icon to get the image parallel to the screen before rotating.
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A couple more ways to rotate your view 180°

Use the Quick View menu icons to view your part from the front, top, left, etc. Then click the complimentary icon to rotate the part 180°
quick view.JPG

The compass in the upper corner has little yellow letters for the x, y and z directions. Click on a letter to view the part in that direction. Click on the letter again will rotate the part 180°