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Catia V5 surface


Could somebody explain me what is the difference between a Catia V5 file which contains surfaces using the GSD workbench only and another file which uses Body-in-White or/and class "A" surfacing? When is necessary to use Automotive class "A" and BIW workbenches for creating surfaces instead, of GSD? Or when should I create a Catia V5 file, using both the GSD workbench and Automotive class “A” and/or BIW workbenches?
catia tutorials

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BIW is the exterior surface of a vehicle when its developed by our OEM's. They like to use the color white because it shows highlights the best . Class "A" surfacing is not alway's used just for sheet metal. Class "A" is almost always used for any visable, touchable surface that has to be reviewed by studio before being able to complete your part.

Hope this helps...

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