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catia + VB - creating two holes in one face



Why this code doesn't work:

Dim oHoleOPx As Hole
Set oHoleOPx =
oPart.ShapeFactory.AddNewHoleFromPoint(0,0,0,PowierzchniaCzolowaOP, 50)
Dim oHoleOPx1 As Hole
Set oHoleOPx1 =
oPart.ShapeFactory.AddNewHoleFromPoint(0,10,10,PowierzchniaCzolowaOP, 50)

PowierzchniaCzolowaOP is a reference to the face. The sketch is
created at the YZ plane.

What's wrong? CATIA can't create the second hole. It shows an error:
'Colinear directions: cannot build an axis or a plane'.

Best regards,
Michalcatia + VB - creating two holes in one face
Try updating the first hole ...

Try updating the first hole (calling oPart.UpdateObject oHoleOPx) before attempting to create the next.

The reference to the face is apparently temporarily not valid until this is done.

CliffJohnson, COE CATIA V5 Forum

3DCADTips Support Desk :cool:

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