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CATIA vs. SolidWorks



Hi there,

Can anyone tell my why should we use CATIA instead of SolidWorks? Since Solidworks is obviously cheaper and as I discovered has more features like automaticly gear or cam generation, flow analysis...

Thankx in advance
if I can try to repeat what I've heard from Dassault:

CATIA (and it's sister products: ENOVIA, DELMIA and SIMULIA) have been developed as tools to meet the PLM needs of larger companies, particulary those in the aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding and industrial plant industries. As a CAD tool, CATIA's focus and goal has always been on 3D modeling and Digital Mockup as replacements for engineering drawings and prototypes.

Solidworks (which is also owned by Dassault Systemes, but as a totally separate company) provides 3D and 2D CAD tools for mechanical engineering.

for more info: Dassault Systemes : CATIA (there's a link to Solidsworks on the same website)

I'm sure you will find many situations where SolidsWorks is better, but there are also many cases where CATIA is better.

Only your company can decide which is the better investment.
you're welcome, Helio!

A friend of mine who works as a design contractor would give you the following answer: "because CATIA jobs pay more" :D

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