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Centrifugal pump casing design

I am quiet a newbie and I am trying to create a centrifugal pump casing. I used generative shape design, spiral and adaptive sweep to try and get the general volute shape. then I was making a sort of disk in the centre. Is it worth continuing the design like this or better to use something like wire frame to start from scratch?



Super Moderator
What you have looks like a good start. I would continue with that. The Adaptive Sweep was a good choice.

I've designed a few volutes in the past (air compressors), and I used a Multi-Section Surface. That way I could control the cross-sectional area (sketch profile) at each quadrant.
For the Multi-Section Surface tool in Wireframe and Surface Design, how would you go about creating the volute? would you make multiple circles following a spine? sorry I haven't used the tool yet but ill look at some YouTube tutorials explaining it. The only issue I have with using the Adaptive Sweep is that I am still trying to figure out how to clear the inside material from the discharge port into the chamber.

Thank you MrCATIA