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Changing multiple dimensions of a drawing?



I want to change dimension height to different value, is it possible to do by multi select or select all the dimensions and change it at once.
Yes. In fact, there are several ways you can change the properties of several dimensions in one step.

If the dimension height is a standard that is used all the time, you might want your administrator to setup the drafting standards to pre-set the height to what you need.

Or, you can multi-select the dimensions (using the Ctrl key) you want to change, and then choose (or key-in) in new height.

If you have already changed some dimensions, and you want to change other dimensions to look the same, use the Painter icon the Graphic Properties toolbar.


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here's a tip to multi-select all the dimensions:

click in the Power Input box and key-in: t:dim*
Here are few ways of multi selecting all dimensions:

1) Go to search option in edit window and select the dimensions, you have a lot of options available in V5 particularly in search window. When they are all selected, simply hit Alt-Enter to edit all of the properties simultaneously.

2) In power input window type t:dimension, this will select all of the dimensions in the document. If you want to just select those on the current sheet, select the sheet from the tree and then type t:dimension.

Note:Sometimes when you use a "multiselect" on text and dimensions, the Properties box won't allow you to change the property. This occurs when two different property values have been set within the group of text/dimensions that you have selected (e.g. one note uses the Arial font while another uses Monospac821). When this happens, use the Text Properties Toolbar.

Hope this helps.

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