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Changing scale in drawing!


New member
Can some help me!
I want to get the scale on a drawing to be like 1:x or x:1. At the moment my drawing sheet shows the scale as x.000.
With regards.
The change you are describing is something that resides in your drawing setup file. With a drawing open, go to File, Properties. Then choose Drawing Options from the menu that pops up.

Scroll down and look under "These options control views and their annotations" for the option view_scale_format. Select this and at the bottom under Value, set it to ratio_colon. Hit Add/Change and then OK or Apply.

If you want this setting on all your drawings, use the buttons at the top of the settings file window to save a copy of your settings file. Then, in your (Tools, Options), add the option drawing_setup_file with a path to your saved file, but be aware that you may overwrite anything your administrator has set up.
Set these options in your drawing detail (.dtl) file:
view_scale_denominator 100
view_scale_format RATIO_COLON

I hope this helps!

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