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Check out UGS's JT2GO!




Hello everybody,

Long time reader, first time reply.

To your thread presenting SE dramings to 3th parties, I use JT2GO from UGS. this is a great tool and you can measure and make cutaway views. It also works very fast.
Last week I went to a presentation for SE 19. In this version you can read JT files back into SE so also can be used as an translator with other programs.

That's my thought on this subject.

Hi there!

No worries. I'm glad you wrote your 1st post here. We're also honoured to see your virgin post in our forum. :D

Yes, you're right! JT2GO is a great FREE viewer provided by UGS to open and view JT files.

Bascially, JT is a CAD-neutral 3D visualisation application based on lightweight technology. Solid Edge has been developed based on this, which explains it's known capability to manage more than 100,000 part in a single assembly file.

JT2GO is just like the Free Solid Edge Viewer, but only opens JT format 3D models. It provides non-CAD users the ability to view designer created parts without compromising the model accuracy and graphics quality. 10 thumbs up for JT2GO!

The best part is, if you wish to share a huge assembly (e.g. > 10,000 parts), the exported assembly in JT is only a single file! :eek: No need to include the individual 10,000 parts! How great is this?! :D

Hesitate no more! Get JT2GO now here.

COOL TIP: How to paste a Solid Edge assembly on a Microsoft Word document?

You can paste a Solid Edge part or assembly file on a Microsoft document. For example in my attachment, i had exported an assembly to JT format and insert it in word document as an object. You can now manipulate the part in word document! How cool is that?! :eek: :D



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Thanks to both of you.

I cant stop by this forum without learning something. I will be downloading this viewer and trying the word document thing Andrew spoke of.

Thanks to the new guy, GerVD, welcome. Tell me something else I dont know ( shouldnt be too hard I am kind of a rooky ). How did you like v19? What version are you compairing to ?

Hi JK,

I'm currently working with SE 18. The cool new things about V19 are the 3D Dimensioning which have become an ASME standard.
Another thing is the autodimensioning in the sketch environment, th gear constraints in assembly, new features in sheet metal and the animation in de exploded environment.
Lots of new thing in V19, can't wait to get started.


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