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close surface error


Hello, this is my first post.
I am trying to model a detergent bottle based on online tutorial.
I am almost done with the surfaces, but when I try to mirror the bottle, there is a slight open surface present on the lower side. This gives an error when I try to close surface to create a solid. I tried to use heal command but it did not work.
Please look into the attached images.
Thank you.



Super Moderator
Can you make a Closed Surface solid from the Join, before you mirror? (half the bottle)

what does the error message say?
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Super Moderator
Check that red curve in the bottom corner. You might want to erase the surface that uses that curve and recreate the curve. A good trick to eliminate a gap is to project the curve onto the center plane, and use the projected curve to rebuild the surface.

The error message means the surfaces are not fully closed. Add a surface at the top of the bottle.

If you want to close half the bottle, you need to add a surface at the centerplane also.


New member
use Healing tool in Wireframe and Surface Design. it will close small gaps within surfaces.
Then continue to closed the surface.
It will work just fine.